Monday, March 25, 2013

Golden Ticket Raffle!

Who wants a Golden Ticket!?

Doesn't everybody?

What a shame that there are only five...

How might YOU find such a Golden Ticket? Support our company by buying one of the virtual candy wrappers below for a mere $1.

How might you increase your chances of finding a Golden Ticket? By buying many, many virtual candy wrappers. Bucketloads. Every dollar you spend earns you another chance to be one of five lucky Golden Ticket recipients, who will soon be feasting on delicious sweets from our glamorous and knowledgable sponsors.

Golden Ticket Winners will be notified Wednesday, May 8, two days before the world premiere of our theatrical confection, DOWN THE CHOCOLATE RIVER AND BEYOND. Prizes can be collected at the show, or by mail.

Every virtual candy wrapper purchase helps this all-homeschooled, teen-run production cover space rental and costume and prop-related expenses. Your purchase is neither tax-deductible nor fattening, merely necessary and deeply appreciated. Please get started by clicking the donate button anchoring any and/or all of the candy wrappers depicted below.

Further Instructions and FAQ for Those Who Crave Such Things:

What's with those little golden  Donate buttons?
When you click 'donate' you'll be taken to our secure paypal account, from whence you can donate any amount of your choosing.

Is there a fixed donation amount?
No. For every dollar you spend, we'll credit you a virtual candy wrapper - in other words, another chance to win one of the five Golden Tickets.

What if I buy hundreds of wrappers of each variety of wrapper on display above?
You will have the gratitude of many homeschooled young actors, directors, musical directors and designers. You can't win twice, but your chances of "finding" a Golden Ticket (via email notification on May 8) go up with every dollar you spend!

Is there adult supervision?
The production itself is teen-run, but yes, there is adult supervision with regard to donations and advance ticket sales.

Is my donation tax deductible?
No. But it's deeply appreciated.

Is my virtual ticket edible in any real sense of the word?
Only if you are revealed as one of the five lucky Golden Ticket recipients on May 8, at which time you will be notified via email and we will arrange for you to claim your prize in person at the show, or for those against whom geography conspires, by mail (US residents only, please. If a Golden Ticket recipient resides outside the US, we are happy to mail his or her prize to any US address of his or her choosing.

This show sounds wonderful. Give me the details again!
With pleasure:

This teen-run and teen-performed production, an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s works, tells the story of a poor young boy who suddenly receives the amazing opportunity to tour the world’s most amazing and fantastic factory, one that produces candy to be eaten all over the world. See the wonders created by the world’s greatest visionary chocolatier genius, and join our heroes as they go down the chocolate river and beyond…


Friday May 10th   7:30 pm
Saturday May 11th  2:30pm & 7:30pm
Sunday May 12th  1pm & 7pm

(advance ticket sales to be announced soon)

Directed by Leo Lion
Musical Direction by Sydney Harris

CAST (in alphabetical order)
Jane Albert
John Albert
Mary Albert
Daniel Allen
Jeremiah Burch
Ella Crowell-Lang
Neva Gentleman
Quintin Harris
Milo Kotis
Eliza Lee
Leo Lion
PJ Lodin
Euphrozinia Martin
Baird Norris
Brielle Randall
Neo Randall
Michael Scuotto
Joseph Shupp
Julia Smith
Anna Steingold

* thanks to cast member John Albert for creating the virtual wrappers for our Golden Ticket raffle.

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